Frail, waif-like oracle with big, searching eyes, dark wavy hair and small slender hands.


Worships: Ernalda, Prophetess 19
Clan member of Golden Arrows 15
Rune – Element: Water 15
Rune – Temperament: Truth 13
Rune – Personal: Magic 19
Oracle 16 [Lingering -3]
Frail and Waiflike 13
God-talker 17
Brygga Scissortongue Finds Her Cute 13
Face of the innocent and Clueless 17
Trust-Inspiring 15
Scary Voice of God 15
Lucky Flailing 14
“But I Really Need Your Help” 15
Too Small to Hurt 15
Emo Boyfriend Malacthon 13
Ogul = adoptive uncle 13
Religion = Ernalda the Prophetess (Earth, Fertility, Magic]

16 Year old waif w. large grey eyes and a far away look.

Wealth: Moderate (shared w. uncle] 13

Kidnappable 13
Breakdown and Cry 13
Fear Dragons (13)
Scorpion Bitten 13
- Mousepaw Charm of Convenient Distraction 13
- Hair Ribbon of Prettyness 13
- Sandals Know the Way 13

- Wimpy Cedric [Sun Domer] 13

- Matack, sadistic captain of the Bullford Clan 13


One full moon, 16 years ago, Lita was born into her desert tribe. She was born with her eyes wide open and never cried or spoke a word until the was 2 years old, when the first words out of her mouth were, “They are coming.” That night the Lunars raided her village and took what they wanted and killed whom they pleased, including most of Lita’s family. Her surviving cousin, another girl not much older than Lita is now, took the child to the city of Pavis and left her on the doorstep of a house where she saw another woman playing earlier with her own child. This woman later found the baby and indeed took the orphan in.
Lita was raised by this woman and her brother, a military man who yearned to own his own bar, along side the other young girl whose name was Calliope.
Lita was always small and pitiable in her size and demeanour, but though she lacked physical presence, her dreams and tendency to have prophetic visions was robust.
It become known that the strange little girl with the pale oval face and wide staring eyes was one who the God’s had favoured and chose to speak through. Elders of her adopted tribe, the Golden Arrows, would often ask her to tell them what the Gods thought of this or that, or wait for her to have a vision before major decisions were made.
Besides this divine interference in her life, Lita is also a normal, if somewhat shy and spacy, teenage girl who longs moronically for her elusive boyfriend Malakthon, and concerns herself with looking pretty and generally trying to be a ‘good’ girl.
She admires but is also slightly jealous of her step-sister Calliope and her obvious beauty and wit, and respects her uncle the wizened warrior but also has the budding streak of teenage rebellion creeping up on her.
She is a somewhat introverted but typical shy teenager who occasionally does very odd, but perfectly normal to her, things like disembowelling rabbits in her bedroom to read their entrails.